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"I highly recommend Nick located at the NewHope location. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional ! He was very patient with me and showed me how to do the exercises correctly, which definitely helped me on my road to recovery! If you’re looking for a local physical therapist, or don’t mind traveling to New Hope Pa …Nick and staff are wonderful!"
Mar 11, 2024
"Tom, Steve , Jim and all the staff are the best, very knowledgeable and friendly. They take the time to explain what they have you doing and why. They have all the technics and equipment to get you back in shape from surgery or injury. So glad I chose to come here."
Jan 17, 2024
"Don't go anywhere else. The therapist are awesome. They work with you the whole time you are there. All employees are amazing. I have been to other therapist. Nothing compares to Cornerstone. Thank you Tom for making my recovery so successful. "
Jul 26, 2023
"Alex Stiverson is a truly transformative physical therapist. He helped me prepare for knee replacement surgery and has expertly guided me in my recovery. He assisted in the early stages in managing my expectations and helping me regain flexibility in my new joint. His efforts were initially hampered by a fracture that was discovered during my surgery. But he patiently guided me through. I was happily discharged today. My thanks to Alex, Tony, Nolan and Kathy for their unwavering support during this process. I would HIGHLY recommend this physical therapy to team to anyone!"
Apr 13, 2023
"I would definitely recommend Cornerstone therapy! The staff from the front desk to the PT room are welcoming and helpful. My therapist, Tom, was prepared adding new exercises to help continue with my progress. Tom would demonstrate each exercise and explain how it would aid in my continued recovery. If I need any therapy, I will definitely return to Cornerstone PT!"
Feb 01, 2023
"Andrea and the team always work me hard!! Its always worth the workout! And they always have sweets to make us happy!!! Thom"
Dec 27, 2022
"I came to Cornerstone after a second total knee revision of my left knee -yes that’s right 3 knees on a 13 year period - Tom Hutchinson has been my primary therapist -I can’t say enough about Tom -he’s been great awesome and so helpful to me from the first meeting -to say he’s gotten me moving is an understatement-he’s given me such confidence and a new outlook on going forward !!! Everyone at Cornerstone Tom Jim Steve Tory Katrina and Jodi are all just great people and so helpful and caring -they have also treated from wife with such kindness -honestly after a second revision I was feeling pretty down but Tom’s kindness and enthusiasm was super contagious and got me literally back on my feet -I would recommend Cornerstone to anyone in need of PT -they’re simply an awesome team with the right tools to get anyone but to their lives after injury -thank you for everything!!!"
Nov 30, 2022
"Love going there for PT . They take there time with you. They are all great people who work there. I would recommend them to my family and friends. "
Oct 12, 2022
"I had been to Cornerstone back in 2020 after my hip replacement and was very pleased and happy with the therapy I received. When I needed therapy on my neck and shoulder I knew I had to go back. Jim was my therapist in 2020 and again this year. It was not a chore going to therapy. I thoroughly enjoyed going to therapy and felt that Jim and his staff were professional, courteous and treated you with kindness and respect. I cannot say enough about the therapy Jim provided. I would recommend Cornerstone to my family and friends. They are a top notch therapy provider. "
Sep 20, 2022
"I can strongly recommend Cornerstone to anyone in need of capable physical therapy. I'm an older woman (early 80s) with an arthritic neck and related issues, and have gained in both confidence and flexibility during recent sessions with Tom H., Jim S. and others in Bensalem. They stretched the neck-and-shoulders area and pointed out factors such as the shape of sleeping pillow that can have a big effect on well-being and balance. As my time in P.T. wrapped up, they provided at-home exercises that I can continue to use to work toward more progress. I'd rate them a "20" on a scale of 1-to-10. R.S. from Bensalem "
May 04, 2022
"Can PT be fun??? Andrea in Furlong, Jim in Bensalem, and the rest of the staff make it fun while you work towards your goals. All are knowledgeable and thorough, friendly and welcoming. I've gone to Furlong and Bensalem for several different orthopedic issues over the last 10 years, and will continue to do so if needed in the future. "
May 02, 2022
"I would definitely recommend Cornerstone. I suffer from Vertigo on a regular basis and Jim and staff has really helped with controlling the dizziness. The staff was friendly and very helpful."
Apr 27, 2022
"After wrist surgery and having very little strength and mobility, Kelly helped my see a change in no time. Very clean and knowledgeable! Easily accessible with its location in Woodhaven Mall. "
Mar 20, 2022
"Hello I went to cornerstone 10 yrs ago to rehab from a total ankle replacement. Jim and his staff did a fantastic job rehabilitating on my ankle. Now I am back again for my shoulder and back. Jim is a excellent therapist. He is observant and his techniques are excellent and they work well!! I'm getting better everyday. His staff is kind and they keep a eye on you to make sure your doing the exercises correctly. I am so glad I came back to Cornerstone . I highly recommend Cornerstone physical therapy!!???????? ."
Mar 15, 2022
"From my evaluation before starting therapy up to my last day of therapy, I was so glad I chose Cornerstone. Andrea is a terrific person and truly cares for each person and their therapy needs. She is always checking on your progress and like the whole staff, has a warm smile and a "How are you today" greeting and they do mean it. The staff works with each patient on the needs of each person and they are all familiar with each patient. It is a relaxed atmosphere which allowed me to advance in my therapy faster and easier than I thought I would. If I ever need therapy again, I will definitely be giving Cornerstone in Doylestown a call. Great staff, great therapy programs and I would definitely highly recommend Cornerstone to anyone looking for a Therapist that can get you back in shape again. Thank you all for how you helped me. "
Aug 05, 2021
"I would rate them 10 out of 5! The care that I have received from Andrea, Emily and Jacqueline has been exceptional. They are so warm and encouraging. My therapy is so individualized and thorough. My experience here has been life changing!"
Aug 13, 2020
" Review Added Please Post Your Review Thank you for your feedback - we value your input. It helps us provide better care to our patients. Could you please do just one more thing for us. Take just a couple minutes to: copy your review from the box below, click one or more of the links, sign into your account, and post your rating and review. We need your help to let others in the community know that we're a great choice when it comes to all natural treatment for muscle and joint pains. I’m a young senior and I have been to quite a few Rehab/PT centers in my day, but by far Andrea Price and her team at their Doylestown/Furlong location has been exceptional. If you truly want professional and so warm and welcoming PT’s then I recommend them highly. Andrea, the owner does stretch and massage of the area after working out and she has magical hands. I’ve been going over 4 months now, such a nice clientele as well that it feels good walking through their doors. You’ll want to consider them highly. Most doctors know of her stellar reputation. Google - Bensalem Google - Doylestown Google New Hope Facebook Yelp - Bensalem Yelp - Doylestown "
Jun 09, 2020
"I’m a young senior and I have been to quite a few Rehab/PT centers in my day, but by far Andrea Price and her team at their Doylestown/Furlong location has been exceptional. If you truly want professional and so warm and welcoming PT’s then I recommend them highly. Andrea, the owner does stretch and massage of the area after working out and she has magical hands. I’ve been going over 4 months now, such a nice clientele as well that it feels good walking through their doors. You’ll want to consider them highly. Most doctors know of her stellar reputation. "
Jun 09, 2020
"I just want to say that everyone at Cornerstone took great care of me when I was wondering if I would be able to bend my knee again. Andrea was my lead therapist who kept reassuring me of a full recovery, and guess what Andrea was right. Either Kelly or Jim the other therapists took over when Andrea wasn't in Bensalem office and didn't miss a beat with my rehab. The support staff was always looking out for me and others too make sure we were doing ok while rehabbing. I've been in other pt's and this was the best ever, I recommend Cornerstone as the place to go for therapy. Mike."
Apr 03, 2020
"I met an Angel today in your New Hope location. Her name is Kathy. This was my first visit. WOW. I feel blessed and was so well taken care of. You have a wonderful support staff also. Thanks to all."
Nov 26, 2019
"I was fortunate to be referred to Cornerstone Physical Therapy for balance and fall prevention help. Kelly my therapist was professional, very knowledgeable and courteous. She provided the help and support that I needed to improved my physical strength and condition over time. Also I found all of the Bensalem personnel and staff to be very helpful and supportive. "
Aug 06, 2019
"I received physical from Kelly a few months ago. She was very caring and knowledgeable concerning my case. I appreciated her explaining why she was doing something. I would definitely go back to Kelly if I needed pt again!"
Feb 28, 2019
"I would recommend Cornerstone Rehab to anyone looking for a therapy center. The staff works with you to do the best that you can do. They are very good at what exercises that you are to receive. I had a reverse shoulder replacement and they have gotten me to the point where I can actually use it again. They help you all along the road to recovery. They are a caring and considerate team from the front desk to the therapists. Great team with great results C.W."
Feb 28, 2019
"I have been to three other places for physical therapy. Cornerstone is the best. My main therapist, Kelly, got my knee working like it should after my knee revision surgery. The whole staff is awesome. "
Feb 15, 2019
"great,fantastic,team of professional employees ; a pleasure to have them take care of me."
Jul 02, 2018
"I been to cornerstone 3 times all my times were really good and my pt was for my shoulder I am going there right now for pt for my shoulder and all of the pt was really good but to pt stood out to my Kathy my 1st 2 times and Kelly now i really like Kelly because she is fun to be with and she is really good with me and she is really good with people and she is so so so munch fun to be around and she is so so good with me when I have pain in my shoulder and she is so so good with me and everyone else too "
Apr 25, 2018


– B.F. 

“I was very pleased with Cornerstone Physical Therapy. They have an excellent staff and they are very good at their jobs. The atmosphere was always pleasant. I was here four years ago for my fractured ankle, and I was happy with the results then, too. I would recommend Cornerstone to anyone who was in need of PT. I just finished three months of therapy and couldn’t ask for better results.”

– L.S. 

“I was quite pleased with my physical therapy. Everyone has been very kind and they have done an excellent job. The people that work at Cornerstone are very caring and when needed, I will come back here.”

– A.B. 

“They have highly professional services. Well done in a timely manner. I would recommend them to anyone who needs therapy. They give you 120 service. They are the utmost in all their training.”

– B.W. 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my therapy at Cornerstone. I have progressed well in my recovery from knee replacement surgery, through my own efforts with expert and compassionate guidance from the staff. I would highly recommend Jim, Andrea and the entire staff to anyone needing physical therapy.”

– R.A. 

“I chose cornerstone on advice from a friend. And I am glad I did. Unlike many other physical therapy places, they don’t say you know what do, then leave you alone. They give you as much help as you need. Once they show you what you need to do, you can do your exercises by yourself. But they always keep a watchful eye in case you forget something or do something wrong. Everyone is very friendly. And most of all I felt an improvement with my problem. I would highly recommend cornerstone therapy.”

– B.C. 

“Everyone was very prompt a attentive to details. I enjoyed the friendly and professional atmosphere. My overall health was their concern and vey much appreciated.”

– C.D. 

“I came to Cornerstone because of a frozen shoulder…injury not determined. I found the entire process really helpful, supportive, and enjoyable. I was surprised at how organized they were, in that there could be 6-7 folks there at one time, all involved in different kinds of exercises, stretches, and heat treatments. These various self-help treatments were graduated, so that I never felt I was being asked to do more than I could at that time. In a short period of time ( after only about 8 sessions), I was able to be discharged. The treatment with the physical therapist herself, Andrea Price, was awesome…not always pain free, but I knew that the stretching she was doing was necessary for full recovery of my shoulder. Finally, after the 8th session, we decided that I could complete this process on my own…I am a gym rat, and enjoy working out. So my shoulder was about 95% clear when I left the PT program to complete it on my own. I am happy I went to see Andrea, and got this shoulder moving again, as it had been “stuck” since January, 2015. So thank you Cornerstone…a great crew of assistants, and PT’s, with a very upbeat and positive energy every time I went in. I always came out feeling better, both physically, as well as emotionally. Carol Day”

– C.H. 

“I was treated at Cornerstone Physical Therapy for neck pain. It is a pleasant place to come to. My neck has improved so that I can turn my head without pain.”

– A.R. 

“I came to physical therapy for tibular plateau fracture of the right uk-margin-large-top leg. The care I received at Cornerstone was excellent. Although sometimes “gently” intensive, there was always counseling and encouragement with a smile. Unlike a previous experience at a different facility, there were no time restraints. You worked at your own pace. Hopefully, their service will not be required in the future but if so, I would return with no hesitation.”

– K.F. 

“The experience I received was very good the people that work here are very knowledgeable about the treatment that is needed to bring your injury back to normal. They give you ideas and instruction to help you maintain a normal progression in your healing process. I have been coming here for a lot of years with different injuries and they have helped me recover and regain a normal life. I always recommend Cornerstone to my family and friends for their therapy needs. They make it fun and interesting during the sessions and they explain the reasons for the exercises you are to complete. Come here and experience the quality of their expertise.”

– B.W. 

“I went to Cornerstone PT for recovery from hip replacement surgery. Everyone at Cornerstone was friendly and helpful. I can definitely say that I am better now than when I began working out there. Some of the exercises on the face of it seemed silly, but they did work.”

– Connie H. 

“Cornerstone staff is very caring and friendly. I like that they spend a lot of time with each patient (hands on therapy) I went there because my shoulder was really hurting me and I didn’t want to have surgery. They helped me so much that my shoulder doesn’t bother me anymore.”

– Elaine W. 

“the staff is awesome – very friendly and personable. They let you work and advance at your own speed. The after work hours made it so easy to schedule and attend appointments. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!”

– Georgina E. 

“There is not enough space to write my feelings about all of you. Besides being professional, you were friendly and caring. You made me comfortable to be there at the same time you worked on me, to help me get back to normal, which I did.”

– J.B. 

“I attended Cornerstone Physical therapy and was treated by James Seykot. I received excellent care and treatment. They made getting through a difficult time much easier.”

– I.N. 

“Your program to recovery is one of the keys of success to my recovery. Superior markings for appointment reminders, ease of scheduling, waiting room, consult room, receptionist, etc. I attended for a knee replacement. Thank you.”

– Ed R. 

“From my first day they took excellent care of me. Everyone there is experienced, personable and very pleasant to work with. They knew precisely what treatment I needed. I also received follow up calls to check on my condition. Also very accommodating and flexible when scheduling appointments.”

– M.A. 

“Everyone there is very nice. the therapy was very helpful. I felt much better after leaving. Due to personal circumstances I couldn’t go the 2x a week that I needed. I am hoping to come back.”

– S.M. 

“Jim was always pleasant and accommodating as well as all the staff. The staff was friendly and remembered everyone’s name. They never pushed me beyond my capabilities. They were always concerned about my well-being. I have recommended others to Cornerstone for their physical therapy needs.”

– C.M. 

“I felt very comfortable at Cornerstone Physical Therapy. The staff was very helpful in helping me with any new exercises I was given. They always thanked me for coming in which I felt was funny as I should have thanked them for all their help. My experience was a very pleasant one and I would certainly use them again if the need arose.”

– L.B. 

“Very steady progress in symptom improvement. Great patience and courtesy by staff, with steady progression in exercise range. A very aware staff in recognizing progress in symptoms improvements.”

– D.L. 

“As always, the care at Cornerstone Physical Therapy saved me! I was worse off than I ever knew when I started therapy. Their hands-on approach and caring atmosphere create the very best environment for healing, and I’m leaving PT with much more than just my physical ailment healed! Thank you all for your warmth and caring support when I needed it most. You’re the best!”

– G.B. 

“Good job teaching and showing me how to improve my shoulder function. They are very helpful assistants- Tom, Rachel, Renee & Neil. Andrea is so skilled and empathetic. Will continue to recommend Cornerstone for physical therapy.”

– B.O. 

“I had a wonderful experience at Cornerstone! When I began physical therapy over 8 weeks ago, I was having a lot of discomfort and pain in my knees, most especially my right uk-margin-large-top knee. With the help and support from the Cornerstone staff, my pain has subsided significantly and I feel so much better! The staff is extremely warm and caring, and the atmosphere at this facility is friendly and positive, too. Tank you for making this such a good experience for me!”

– S.S. 

“I had pain in my left knee from weakened muscles. It made such a difference. Before physical therapy I was having trouble lifting my leg to put pants on . Now the pain is mostly gone and I am ale to get dressed much easier. The gave me exercises to continue on my own so I can keep the legs strong.”

– R.L. 

“My experience at physical therapy was amazing! I came here unable to bend my knee from breaking my patella. Each week, Andrea and Tom pushed me and encouraged me to do more. It was painful at times but now I can bend and walk normally with no pain!. I will recommend cornerstone PT to my friends, because of the friendly and fun atmosphere, and of course because the professional care.”

– E.D. 

“I came into Cornerstone Physical Therapy with very little mobility of my arm/shouolder. I was also in a lot of pain. Through months of exercise and stretching, I am finally able to lift my arm over my head, put objects on a shelf, and be pain free. Everyone on the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Everyone was encouraging and understanding because it was very hard for me because I needed to work hard through the pain and had limited mobility. Thanks for everything!”

– D.H. 

“Great treatment. They are caring with comfortable and easy-going staff. Besides good results, they referred me to expert orthotic shop. They are very helpful. It was actually fun being there!”

– B.C. 

“The whole Cornerstone team is a wonderful group of caring and passionate people. They work along side of you, doing the exercise with you, to ensure your safety and monitor your level of pain. They push you to achieve your maximum recovery. This is a great place to do any type of therapy.”

– A.S. 

“I have chronic problems with weakness and pain in my right uk-margin-large-top leg and lower back which gets worse sometimes and then I need physical therapy. I am much better as a result of the wonderful care I received. It was a wonderful experience. As a new patient, I received a thorough evaluation and treatment at the same visit. They have a great staff that is friendly and warm while giving great individual attention. They demonstreate what you need to do and then monitor to see that you do it properly. Usually I did a series of exercises aimed at improving muscles and reducing pain. One time I got there and had considerable pain in my back. Andrea massaged and manipulated the area and saw that I was given electro stimulation. It was great! Eliminated almost all the pain! Cornerstone Physical Therapy Associates is, simply, so excellent, that they set the standard for others. I will never go anywhere else.”

– G.Y. 

“Overall, my experience from start to finish was excellent. The therapists involved in my treatment plan were very adept and skilled. They were also good teachers that made doing my “homework” much easier and my recovery from this condition a success. Thank you so much!”

– T.S. 

“This has been a very positive experience. The exercises are very helpful. The staff could not be any more helpful and friendly. It is a place you want to go for therapy.”

– H.O. 

“They have a helpful and friendly staff. They educated me with strengthening and weaknesses of muscles and tendons in the shoulder. I started with minimal pain but needed strengthening. I am very satisfied.”

– R.H. 

“My exercise program was comprehensive. The staff was very easy to work with. They have a flexible schedule. I had good results at the end of sessions. The gave me homework to continue work.”

– D.W. 

“This was my 2nd round of PT with Andrea. Several years ago she provided excellent care when I developed bilateral frozen shoulder. Andrea’s care, concern, attitude and experience is exceptional. My recent experience was for hip bursitis/pain which improved to the extent my Ortho doctor has discharged me and I’m having lots of fun again. Not just Andrea but Jim and Kathryn work so well together that the office gives off a friendly comforting and caring aura that makes my visits something to look forward to and not dread. The newest staff member, Amy, fits in just perfect.”

– M.P. 

“From the moment I walked into Cornerstone Physical Therapy I knew I was in good hands. The entire staff is knowledgable and friendly. After months of self diagnosing my hip ailment, Andrea was able to pinpoint the exact area and give me exercises to heal and strengthen the area. Today I am stronger, healthier, and have gained exercises that I can use the rest of my life. Cornerstone PT is the absolute best!”

– N.M. 

“I had a very positive experience at Cornerstone Physical Therapy. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The various treatments and exercises really helped my injury, and the painful areas improved greatly. The massages were great and on the affected area. I feel so much better and stronger, and I have learned exercises to do on my own that will help keep the area strong.”

– P.E. 

“I have made great progress with both my shoulder and hip. I appreciated your comprehensive approach – excellent. I’m sure ill be back for something in the future.”

– S.M. 

“After lower back surgery, I began experiencing pain below the area of surgery. Pain management doctor sent me to Cornerstone to relieve the pain and strengthen the troubled area. The relief came not only from the various exercises done at the center and at home, but also from the exceptional care and attention provided by each member of the Cornerstone team! Thank you to each one!”

– M.E. 

“My physical therapy has been just a wonderful experience. I am very active and this injury had quite an impact on me. I was appropriately challenged and that worked wonders to strengthen and heal me. Thank you. I would and will recommend Cornerstone Physical Therapy.”

– E.O. 

“I had a dislocated shoulder from an assault. I needed to strengthen my arm and shoulder so I could move and lift things. Therapy helped me get stronger and move confident.”

– M.C. 

“I hurt my back 9/21/2002 at work. Due to the injury I had no physical therapy for about 12-13 years. When I came to Cornerstone they helped me so much. I was able to walk and move correctly. The people here are fabulous! They know what they are doing, they corrected my gate and improved my balance. I would tell anyone if need the help go to Cornerstone for physical therapy.”

– P.C. 

“Cornerstone has three strengths! 1. A plan was created for me to keep up exercises after physical therapy. 2. Because of Andrea’s hands-on approach stretching my shoulder, I increased my range of motion and improved my posture. 3. Vary caring, individualized, and supportive physical therapy. Thank you!”

– M.J. 

“Cornerstone provides individualized, comprehensive care in a warm, friendly environment. Coming to therapy at Cornerstone is not a chore – it is something to look forward to. The entire staff is caring and supportive, and they are anxious to assist you in meeting your physical therapy goals. Cornerstone PT is the BEST!”

– D.B. 

“The staff at Cornerstone are professional, compassionate, and sensitive to the needs and concerns of their patients. I received excellent care with and individualized exercise program geared to my goals and wellness. I love these people!! The atmosphere at cornerstone is loving and light hearted, contributing to the positive energy necessary for rapid recovery.”

– A.B. 

“My experience at Cornerstone was excellent. Andrea was able to determine what the issue was on the first day, and with help from Brittany and Rachel, she worked to free my muscles and nerves. I am very happy with the wealth of knowledge they were able to give me so I know how to avoid injury again.”

– J.C. 

“When I started physical therapy I was unable to perform some basic activities. When I completed therapy my shoulder was almost entirely pain free with good range of motion. In addition to being an effective therapy team, Cornerstone makes physical therapy fun!”

– D.K. 

“The staff at cornerstone physical therapy is friendly and helpful. They listen and are genuinely concerned about your health. Andrea is awesome. I was treated for a frozen shoulder.”

– D.B. 

“I attended physical therapy for a rotator cuff/shoulder injury. My physical therapy at Cornerstone was an excellent experience. The staff is very knowledgable, compassionate about your injury and committed to returning you to improved health. They did a great job getting me back to where I needed to be. I would recommend Cornerstone to anyone needing physical therapy.”

– S.Webster 

“I came in for therapy due to a car accident with severe knee pain and back pain, Andrea worked with me and helped me recover over the last four months and has helped me gain energy and strength in my knee and back. The people who work here are great and friendly and are always helping you out. I’m sad to leave but I’m feeling a lot better!”

– Dale B. 

“The staff at Cornerstone is professional, compassionate, and sensitive to the needs and concerns of their patients. I received excellent care with an individualized exercise program geared to my goals and wellness. I love these people!! The atmosphere at Cornerstone is loving and lighthearted contributing to the positive energy necessary for rapid recovery.”

– Bob B. 

“I came to physical therapy because after 4 hip replacements and 1 knee replacement, I had developed a limp ( my wife called it a gait) and serious balance problems. Cornerstone Physical Therapy has helped me greatly in both areas. I can now take it from this point. Your staff has been consistently friendly and helpful. And always accommodating. I thank you all for the positive experience.”

– Steven T. 

“My experience at Cornerstone was excellent. The therapist and staff are professional in every aspect. After two months of my therapy, I can say I feel 100% better. Cornerstone Physical Therapy Associates is highly recommended.”

– M.W. 

“I experienced severe pain in my right uk-margin-large-top hip. I feel comfortable having Andrea Price treat me. Andrea and staff were able to rehab me to a point where I could function normally. If I need more rehab in the future, I will return to Cornerstone. For me, Cornerstone Physical Therapy is the best.”

– Regina C. 

“Cornerstone Physical Therapy Associates is a great place for rehab. All of the people who work there are very knowledgable and caring. The people who are there for rehab are all very friendly and the staff seem to know each person by name. I hope I never have the need for therapy again, but I will definitely come back to Cornerstone PTA if I do.”

– J.B. 

“Their therapy room is always clean. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The outcome of my therapy is better than I expected.”

– Jeane C. 

“I came to Cornerstone for an old wrist injury and back pain. The care at Cornerstone Physical Therapy Associates is truly patient oriented. I have sought treatment at a variety of places and here I have received cRe that is personalized, compassionate, and extremely helpful for my medical difficulties. I never feel rushed when I am here and there is always available time to speak with the PT as necessary.”

– A.S. 

“Cornerstone Physical Therapy was highly recommended by my at-home nurse. They did not disappoint. The entire staff was very nice and personable.”

– H.W. 

“When I started at Cornerstone I could not lift my right uk-margin-large-top arm to turn on a sink faucet. Now I am able to perform all off my activities except lift overhead. This won’t change with a rotator cuff tear in 3 places.”

– S.Lawson 

“I came to Cornerstone for herniated disks in my lower back. I could hardly walk, but after a couple of months I can now walk, stand and sleep with little to no pain. ALL the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They truly care about you and want to see you get better and help you get better. I highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a physical therapy place.”

– S.Lawson 

“Came to Cornerstone for a herniated disk in my lower back. When I came in i could hardly walk, now, after a couple months of therapy I can walk, stand and even sleep without any pain. ALL the staff are friendly and knowledgeable and are truly caring about their patients. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a place to go for physical therapy.”

– N.B. 

“My right uk-margin-large-top hand has greatly improved. I work daily with a blue squeeze ball and a tube of dough to help my strength.”

– D.S. 

“Much fun! I am very pleased with results! Superior ranking for appointment reminders, ease of scheduling, waiting room, consult room, receptionist, technician, therapist, cost, and outcome of therapy.”

– Peg Wierzbicki 

“Staff is warm, friendly and efficient. Each therapist can step in if needed. This is my 3rd time with Cornerston. I needed help with a TMJ problem. A few years later I fractured my right uk-margin-large-top index finger and chose Cornerstone over other therapists. I am now dealing with knee pain and am back at Cornerstone.”

– S.C. 

“I had an accident on a motorcycle and had severe neck and shoulder pain. Went to Cornerstone as it was convenient but was glad I came here as everyone was wonderful. They helped me get back to my old self. I have been to other places in the past but this was the best. They know exactly what you need and get the job done. They are also very friendly and accommodating – it has been a pleasure to know everyone here – no exceptions.”

– D.C. 

“Cornerstone Physical Therapy provided care for left knee replacement, post-op rehab. When first seen, mobility and strength were greatly diminished. After a few short weeks, flexibility and mobility were greatly increased, and strength is progressing rapidly. Staff is very caring and I was met with smiles and kindness daily. High recommendation on all aspects.”

– M.F. 

“They were friendly and helped me get better. They were understanding of my scheduling conflicts. They truly care for their patients and take care of each individual’s problem.”

– W.F. 

“I was so skeptical that PT woul do anything for my pain. I cautiously interviewed Kathy. I decided to accept treatment at Cornerstone for my 10 level back pain. I cannot say enough about the level of Professionalism, caring, intense dedication to helping and coaching. The result……8 weeks later NOW PAIN. This was a great experience.”

– Robert H. 

“Excellent physical therapy designed for your particular needs. There is physical therapist guidance throughout your recovery. Instruction for your home rehab is designed to accelerate your recovery.”

– R.Macartney 

“My therapy at Cornerstone was a wonderful experience. The therapists and assistants are excellent at their jobs. The people are upbeat, and this makes therapy easier.”

– Cathy S. 

“When I first came for PT, they gave a very thorough evaluation which really helped in putting together a very effective PT plan for my knee problems. I started out walking with a bent left knee because of months of accommodating my knee pain and I had lost 50% of the muscle mass in my left leg. Kathy worked with me to overcome my resistance to using a cane for a short period of time so that I could build up my strength without experiencing pain. The entire staff worked with me to achieve my goals and now my balance is greatly improved. I can walk with a straight left leg and a natural gait. I highly recommend Cornerstone if you are looking for Physical Therapists.”

– Charly Figueroa 

“Cornerstone therapy is a great place to be treated. The staff is amazing and attentive to your needs. I would definitely recommend being treated here for any injury you have.”

– Ilene R. 

“I was at Cornerstone for a broken left foot and balance issues. this is my second experience here, and although I had to pay out-of-network prices, I love the staff. Kathy, Katrina, and Jim are awesome. My balance has improved. My foot will need some more time. They did give me a home program which I appreciate greatly. The facilities are always clean and they bring in treats for everyone. Doesn’t get any better than that!”

– Sandra S. 

“I would highly recommend Cornerstone PT Associates. The therapists are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. They are friendly, kind, and respectful at all times. They are always concerned for the clients well being and health issues. They are always giving encouragement. The facility is clean, safe, and well equipped.”

– Gina M. 

“I had a wonderful experience at Cornerstone. When I began treatment for my herniated cervical discs, I had been in pain for a long time and had no expectation that physical therapy would alleviate that. My therapist, Kathy, was terrific. She set me up on a strengthening program that was not too difficult for me, and I began to see changes very quickly. More importantly, Kathy spent so much time educating me on why I was experiencing pain, in terms that I could understand, and tips on how to help myself in moments of pain and discomfort. For the first time in many years, I feel great. My family and friends have commented on the changes in my range of motion, improved sleeping, and overall mood. I would highly recommend Cornerstone for physical therapy. There is a familial atmosphere and I felt immediately comfortable. The entire staff is professional, friendly, patient, and supportive.”

– Jason Miles 

“I broke my right uk-margin-large-top heal in half while playing soccer which also caused some ankle trauma. I was placed in a cast and walking boot totaling 2 months of inactivity with little to no pressure allowed on my foot. Once cleared to do physical therapy I came to Cornerstone Physical Therapy because of a successful previous experience with the business and staff for a different injury. Within 1 month of therapy 3 days per week I was cleared for full work duty by the Philadelphia Fire Department to return to service. I still attended therapy once per week to work on stretching and regaining full rotation of my ankle. I have recommended Cornerstone to family, friends, and coworkers and will continue to do so in the future.”

– Josephine S. 

“When I first came to Cornerstone for PT, I couldn’t do anything without pain (walking, sleeping in my bed, bending, doing housework, and other activities.) Now, I can sleep in my bed for more than 4 hours. Also, I can do all the things I enjoyed before. Procedures completed: therapeutic exercise and manual therapy.”

– Kathy B. 

“I have been coming to Cornerstone for therapy for many problems. I trust my therapists throughly to do the best for me. They have helped me with my knee replacement, balance problems, spinal stenosis, and torn ligaments in my ankle. When coming here, I feel completely relaxed. There is no rush put on me to move faster. I progress at my own pace. Everyone communicates with each other, both other patients and therapists. It is such a relaxed atmosphere and results are good. I have and still would recommend Cornerstone to anyone who needs therapy.”

For a comprehensive physical therapy experience, come to Cornerstone Physical Therapy Associates. You can reach us at (Bensalem/NE Phila): (215) 633-9080, (Furlong/Doylestown): (215) 794-2611, or (New Hope): (267) 740-2954. We also offer our services to residents of Langhorne, Feasterville, Bristol, Warrington, Jamison, Buckingham, Lambertville, Plumsteadville, and surrounding areas. For your convenience, please use our online Request An Appointment form.