Relieving your pain, restoring your life

No one should have to live with the pain and inability to function caused by a physical injury, movement dysfunction or following orthopedic surgery. Especially when there are dedicated physical therapist professionals who have skills and training to get you out of pain and back to living.

That’s why so many patients and physicians (including pain management doctors) prefer Cornerstone Physical Therapy Associates. They know we use a hands-on, whole person, manual therapy approach that achieves better results faster. They also appreciate our strong emphasis on evidence-based treatments, focused personal attention and excellent service.

Unlike most physical therapy centers that focus on the patient’s injured body part, we focus on the whole patient. Through experience, we have found this treatment approach promotes much higher patient satisfaction, faster pain relief and excellent functional outcomes.

Cornerstone Physical Therapy | Relieving your pain, restoring your life
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  • I was very pleased with Cornerstone Physical Therapy. They have an excellent staff and they are very good at their jobs. The atmosphere was always pleasant. I was here four years ago for my fractured ankle, and I was happy with the results then, too.

    - B.F.

  • They have highly professional services. Well done in a timely manner. I would recommend them to anyone who needs therapy. They give you 120 service. They are the utmost in all their training.

    - A.B.

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed my therapy at Cornerstone. I have progressed well in my recovery from knee replacement surgery, through my own efforts with expert and compassionate guidance from the staff. I would highly recommend Jim, Andrea and the entire staff to anyone needing physical therapy.

    - B.W.

  • I chose cornerstone on advice from a friend. And I am glad I did. Unlike many other physical therapy places, they don't say you know what do, then leave you alone. They give you as much help as you need. Once they show you what you need to do, you can do your exercises by yourself.

    - R.A.

  • Everyone was very prompt a attentive to details. I enjoyed the friendly and professional atmosphere. My overall health was their concern and vey much appreciated.

    - B.C.

  • I came to Cornerstone because of a frozen shoulder...injury not determined. I found the entire process really helpful, supportive, and enjoyable. I was surprised at how organized they were, in that there could be 6-7 folks there at one time, all involved in different kinds of exercises, stretches, and heat treatments.